We provide round the clock assistance and services to achieve speed and agility resulting in increased business opportunities. We provide our clients with top of the line business solutions and expertise in:


Business Development drives growth and develops new business. We all work the front end of the business and interface with customers, connecting resources and technology, aerospace, aviation,surveillance and land service systems. Other than that, we continue growing around the world looking to business development in the civil sector like global energy infrastructure assets, including power generation facilities, energy transportation assets, gas and power distribution and transmission networks. We also provide viable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for a variety of applications.


We are a company that embraces change, and hopes utilize technology to increase efficiency and communications; and implement money-saving and innovative solutions. We look to business development professionals with robust knowledge of our core business areas. Specialized civil industry experience with agencies and strategic domains, gives our company an advantage in identifying innovative business opportunities, developing strategies, supporting customer-focused marketing, defining market initiatives to develop new business.


We provide new and existing businesses with a wide range of business development solutions. We offer services pertaining to contracts and contract management, made with customers, vendors, partners, or employees. These contracts include employment letters, sales invoices, purchase orders, utility contracts. Due to the sensitive nature of these contracts, transparency is imperative and we adhere to and uphold our vision, building a trusting bond with our clients. We systematically and efficiently manage contract formation, execution and analysis for maximizing operational and financial performance and minimizing risks of all sorts keeping in view our local contractual laws.


From increasing network capacity to driving global supply chain visibility, we provide the best facilities for logistic support. We are providers of responsive management consulting, logistics solutions, and professional services, delivering quantifiable cost savings and improvement in mission readiness to our customers. We are experienced in delivering solutions that combine a range of logistic support principles, ensuring operational flexibility and sustainability at optimum cost including, boarding, lodging, conveyance and travel assistance.


The set up of a technical office in the country is of great importance, as it gives confidence of support to the customer, which adds to the maintenance and sustainability of the company. We provide warehouse facilities to the firms for their technical offices which run under our local laws and are well maintained by our company.